ImageProcessor is a lightweight library designed to make manipulation of images easier using .NET 4.5+.

It contains multiple methods within the core functionality that allows for image manipulation via the ImageFactory class. This has a fluent API which allows you to easily chain methods to deliver the desired output.

ImageProcessor contains no web specific components so is suitable for both desktop and web applications.

The base library supports processing of jpg, jpeg, png, png8, gif (both animated and static), bmp, and tiff file formats.

For a list of the ImageFactory methods follow the link here:


Compiled API documentation is also available here:
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API Documentation

Extending ImageProcessor

ImageProcessor is built with extensibility in mind. All the individual processors used within the ImageFactory methods follow an interface IGraphicsprocessor while file format support can be extended using the ISupportedImageFormat interface. This allows developers' to extend the library to suit their needs.

Details of those interfaces can be found in the extending documentation.